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EUC Winter 2012

Welcome to the Extreme Unicycle Championship No 7 and WunschKonzert VII



The event happened in the Adventure Hall Köln-Kalk, Germany from the 20.01. to 22.01.2012.

The EUC 2012 winter edition and WuKo VII will hapen together at the same time like every year.
But what the Hell is EUC and what is WuKo VII ???
If you still don't know that, you maybe make several wrong decissions inner the last 3 years :)
However, it is never to late to go for the right things and so here again some words about EUC and WuKo (Wunschkonzert).

EUC means "Extreme Unicycle Championship". There is a winter, a summer and a downhill edition, the first was in Köln (Germany), the second was in Buthiers (France) and the third in Steinach (Germany). On the winter and summer edition we offer normaly Street, Trial and Flatland, the downhill edition is dedicated to all Muni stuff.
Those Conventions was planned to happen every two years in opposite to the Unicons but as so many riders request to do it also 2010 we decide to offer the EUC series also 2010. The EUCs are organized by the AME (Assosicacion monocycle extreme) which is locatd in France.

WuKo means "Wunschkonzert" wich is a small but very popular German freestyle convention with a very free style for sure :)
WuKo I and WuKo II happen in Dudenhofen and was organized by Steffanie, Janina, Felix and gossi, up from WuKo III it happens in the Adventure Hall Köln and was organized by Sabine, Olaf, Stephan, Lutz, Yoggi, Arne. Those "Wunschkonzerts" are dedicated to socialising and up to now all of them was a big fun!

EUC 12 offers you again some very exciting competitons at a high international level embedded into the "you must have been there" atmosphere of a Wunschkonzert. Sign in now to get one of the rare places. They are limited to 125 riders.

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